DDD Scotland summary

My takeaways from the conference

BigCode transforming

  • The code is a liability, not an asset.
  • Refactoring is expensive.
  • Everybody in a team should be able to draw an architecture of project!
  • Have an architect in a team. Without the architect, it is hard to be consistent with design or you will end up with lack of any design.
  • Don’t afraid to kill code. It’s easy to do when you have decoupled code.
  • We are heading to the services.

Teaching an old dog new tricks – presentation

Beyond C# 7


Developing for privacy and data protection

  • https://webdevlaw.uk/data-protection-gdpr/
  • GDPR  applies to all data collected processed and retained about people within the European Union. It concerns personal data and sensitive personal data.
  • This law is extraterritorial – it means that GDPR will apply not only in Europe!
  • In brief: in EU data belongs to the subject.
  • The seven principles of privacy by design:
    • Proactive
    • Default
    • Built into design
    • Positive sum
    • End-to-end
    • Open
    • User-centric
  • You should document your approach to protect the user data
  • If data leaks you will need to prove that you did what you can to protect the user data.

Adding a layer of chocolate(y) – presentation

  • Under the hood, there is PowerShell and NuGet.
  • You can improve default installer by adding in chocolatey for example path to the program in the system variable
  • Chocolatey has the default implementation of uninstalling feature, so even if your installer doesn’t provide uninstall feature, choco will know how to do it.
  • Chocolatey cannot detect reboot requirement
  • ‘choco list -lo’
    • Lists all apps installed by choco
    • Synchronise removed apps from “programs&features”.

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